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  1. Sunny & Peano Photoshop

    Cockatiel Pictures
    Sorry about posting so much today, I'm in a "hug-a-bird" mood. ^.^ any ways... heres a little photoshop of sunny and peano.:p:D:tiel4:
  2. Sunny & Peano

    Cockatiel Pictures
    Heres some quick pics of Sunny and Peano :)
  3. G'day from a Weero Luva!!

    Hi, I'm new here and have got 1 tiel called peano, who has shone in acting recently. I live in Australia, and no we don't all speak like the title, but cockatiels are called weeros here though. And no, we don't have tiels flying around our garden, but i wish we did! :tiel2...