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  1. Cockatiel Talk
    Hey guys I hope I'm in the right spot. I have been looking for a cocktail that is like a Lutino but with yellow cheeks or very light orange instead of red cheeks or dark orange. I can't seem to find anyone who has them and was wondering if anyone could give me some info on any breeders they know...
  2. Cockatiel Mutations and Genetics
    I've mentioned before that I'm getting a pastelface. Well! One woman is going to be breeding some soon and I can get one of those but both parents are pastelface. And A guy I've just contacted has some and I haven't checked but I think his breeding pair are a whiteface and a pastel face...
  3. Cockatiel Breeding
    Hi guys. I'm searching high and low for a hand reared/tame pastel face female and im having no luck at all. I was just wondering if anyone knows of any breeders in Western australia, preferably perth, that have any? Or that you THINK might have any? Any info would be much appreciated. :)
  4. Cockatiel Mutations and Genetics
    Hi, I'm confused about the mutation of the following cinnamon pearled hen, is it pale-face "pastel face" or dominant yellow cheek? Any advice is most welcome. Thank you
1-4 of 4 Results