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  1. Parakeet and Cockatiel?

    Cockatiel Talk
    I am thinking about getting a companion for my cockatiel so he won't get lonely when no one is home. However, my mom does not want us to get another cockatiel and was wondering if he would do ok with a parakeet instead? I know that it could work sometimes and was wondering how to introduce...
  2. Can a Cockatiel Pair Foster Parakeets?

    Cockatiel Breeding
    I'm not sure this question fits in to any particular category here, so it's ended up in "breeding": Can/will a pair of cockatiels foster parakeet chicks that are 3 to 4 weeks old? I have a pair that are on eggs, but they're infertile. The mother has been holding out and own't move on because...
  3. Newbie Alert!!!

    Hiya!:D I'm Project X! I don't own any cockatiels, but hope to eventually. Until then, I'm fine with singing with my 'keets, Angel and Zeke. And to learn as much about 'tiels as I possibly can.:)
  4. Going to start with Cricket and Zelda (plus a question about them and my keet!)

    Training and Bonding
    This is sort of a follow-up to my last thread ( I'm going to ask a few, more specific questions. And then I'll start with training. (Today, actually, whether I get replies before I start or not.) So, like I've said before, I got Cricket and...
  5. budgie question....

    Other Pets
    I have two keets... A male named Bird, and a female named "lady-bird" they have been a pair for a little over a year. They seem to make each other happy, which was the idea when we purchased lady-bird for Bird. (am i confusing you yet?? lol) Anyhow my question is: Every time Lady-Bird goes to...