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  1. Are my cockatiel pair mating already??

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    Heyy so I’m kind of new to owning birds, but I’ve done my research before getting my two cockatiels. They came as a pair at 6 months old (although I feel that the female might be little older) and it’s been about 4 months since I got them. Recently they’ve been acting a little strange and...
  2. Getting my tiel a friend?

    Cockatiel Talk
    Hi all, quick question for you: should I get my tiel a friend? My bird Bella has been so restless lately because she's in season, and my family were wondering whether it would be worth getting her another cockatiel friend to calm her down. Our main concerns are that my mother may develop an...
  3. Bird-on-Bird Bonding?

    Training and Bonding
    Hi Talk Cockatiels! :-) Thank you so much for helping me with my issues. I have two lovely, middle-aged, male cockatiels. One I've had forever and one I adopted a few months ago. Sometimes they talk/call to one other. But I want them to get along better. They live in the same cage...
  4. 8 eggs?!?!

    Cockatiel Breeding
    Hello all, One of my pairs has laid 8 eggs. They have done clutches of 4 before, but never this many! I know for sure one is infertile, so that brings it down to 7. Anyway, 5 of the eggs have hatched so far. The parents are busy around the clock feeding their little fuzzy nuggets and I'm busy...
  5. Rehoming two Cockatiels near Reading, South UK

    Cockatiel Talk
    I am looking for a home for my two tiels Bruce and Mick as I am moving to study at Wisley Gardens in Surrey and the accommodation does not allow us to keep pets. at the moment I live in Newbury, Berkshire so ideally I am looking for a home close by. Bruce (Full Name; Dr. Bruce Battenburgface)...
  6. Mike & Carol

    Cockatiel Pictures
    Thought I would share my beautiful tiels with you. Carol use to be really friendly and loved to sit on my finger but she laid an egg recently and has turned very crabby. Mike the WF Pied is my favorite, as Carol turned vicous, Mike became friendly and loves to chat to me at the front of the...