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  1. Your Cockatiels Health
    Milo won't eat or drink. All he wants to do is sit on me. He keeps coming in and out. My Mom described him as seeming Lethargic. I'm so scared. He bent down a few times and would touch the food with his tongue or pick up(then drop) a seed, but he won't eat. I don't know what to do. Please Help...
  2. Your Cockatiels Health
    My cockatiel max is shaking and his eye is twitching... I think he might be sleep deprived tho as my parents were up at 12 in the room the birds sleep in... I am very worried... Please reply as soon as possible
  3. Food And Nutrition
    I got her from a guy who had them in a room in a barn that he caged off. He was never touched until i got her. The guy told me she has been out of the box for like 1-2 months. I have her in a nice cage but she never drinks any water, or eats the millet or bird seed. Ive had her for like 5-7 days...
1-3 of 3 Results