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  1. a lot of noise in the morning

    Training and Bonding
    i don't know how long she has been doing this, but lately in the morning, or basically any time i wake up in the morning and go downstairs, she's very very noisy. screaming and screeching for no reason. is there any way to dis-encourage or limit this, as i am moving to an apartment soon and i...
  2. Talkative... a little too talkative.

    Cockatiel Talk
    My baby Hermes is a male, so of course, alike most males, he will chit chat and chatter about all day. However, I've been informed by my parents that while I am away at school, he will SCREECH and SCREAM and otherwise just loudly chirp. This is a problem, seeing as how my mother babysits for a...
  3. Videos of Nyx's Strange Behaviour

    Your Cockatiels Health
    We've previously posted that Nyx was making strange noises and believed it to be courting. Now we're not so sure. We've changed the inside of her cage around to make her feel less safe (have read this should stop her wanting to court) and also have increased her hours of darkness to hopefully...
  4. Male cockatiel is singing at all hours ???

    Cockatiel Talk
    I have a pair of grey cockatiels which were given to me in 2000 (I'm really unsure of the ages...I'd estimate 10 or 11 by now, in good health.) The male has normally been a quiet bird, he and his "wife" have always been very attached. The male started out territorial and ornery, and just within...