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  1. My first cockatiel bit my new one

    Cockatiel Talk
    Just got my second cockatiel named chico and my current one Storm bit it why did it do that?, Chico is 4 weeks old and i think Storm is 4 months or older, Chico is an parent raised baby form an aviary but they said he/she would tame up nicely, Also how long will it take to tame this 4 week old...
  2. Quick Question

    Training and Bonding
    Just a simple question here, my cockatiel, Travis, since yesterday when I had him has let me stroke his feathers a bit more, but seems to try to nip me a bit more. Is this good or bad? He seems to trust me, but he nips me (not painfully, only like a little scratch of his beak), so I'm unsure of...