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  1. Help! What am I doing wrong?

    Cockatiel Talk
    :grey tiel: Hello, I just got a new cockatiel, Charlie, a week ago. He's about 4 months old and really tiny. He's slowly getting used to me but I'm still having some problems with him... I don't think he's sleeping at night. I'm sleeping in the same room as him (because of lack of space) and...
  2. Covering the cage at night and natural perches

    Cockatiel Housing and Toys
    Well its one week down and hopefully one more week to go until we bring home our babies. Very excited but a little nervous about having everything ready and doing things right. Still have to give the cage and toys a bit of a clean and buy something to protect the carpet under the cage. I have...
  3. Tiels not nesting at night - help?

    Cockatiel Breeding
    My cockatiels started to do some shoddy nesting after the second egg arrived, and got better by the third, but they still abandon them at night and it gets cold. I've tried coaxing them by leaving a little light in the box, food, etc. Even placing my cockatiel in. The male wasn't helping much...