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  1. Hello from me and Hermes!

    Hello Hello 'tiel owners young and old! I am Jazmine, though WolfyV or Wolfy is fine, too! I am a rather young lady living in Arizona with my cockatiel, Hermes. I got him VERY recently, so bonding has yet to fully ensue, but he is a hand tamed and fed baby boy I've had my eyes on for quite some...
  2. Hello, from soon to be mum of Pearl Pied

    Hello all :) My name is Charlotte but you can call me Foobzy. I live in the UK and have recently moved from Norfolk to Nottingham and I love it! Soon as I moved out I had to get my life-long dream of owning a cockatiel. I've recently just bought a hand-reared Pearl Pied of just 3 weeks of age...
  3. Greetings from Greece! :]

    Hello super dudes & dudettes! New "keyboard" around here dropping by to introduce myself. I'm Costas and my :grey tiel: name is Kana [ which is a short name for Mohawk in greek as we are both in mohawk style heads all the time :P ]. I'm a tattoo artist usually drawing / tattooing or I'll be...
  4. Greetings Everyone!

    Hello my name is Paige and I just recently got my first Cockatiel. I am not sure if it is a male or a female. The person I got her from says its a female so that is what we are referring to her as. She is only 3 months and hasn't gone through her adult molt yet. I am excited to find out what...
  5. New, New, New!

    Hello everyone! My name, as you know, is FrostBite but you can call me Frost :) So a few things about me- I love writing, reading novels, playing a lot of video games, drawing, playing basketball yadada and of course! I love cockatiels! I really adore them and for the first time, I bough two. I...
  6. A New Owner, A New Bird and a Few Questions!

    Hey there! I go by Strawberry or Strawbs around the internet. c: I recently acquired my first bird, a five year old lutino female cockatiel who was previously named Tino. I work at a downtown mom-and-pop pet shop, and I worked for about 6 weeks to pay for her cage and the bird herself. I've...
  7. New member

    Hello to everyone I am very glad to find this forum. I am a activity director in a nursing home and just stepped up my aviary program. I have been reading as much as I can about birds. I have had 2 parakeets in the department for about two years,and 3 finches, in the past month I got 4 more...