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new cockatiel owner

  1. Bondind advice and behavior questions

    Training and Bonding
    Hi! A few days ago I got a new cockatiel, and it's my first time owning one. I have read that the first few days I just have to leave him be, but the cage it's on my bedroom and sometimes he just starts pacing from side to side in the little perch inside the cage, sometimes even screaming or...
  2. Meet the new girl, Kiki

    Cockatiel Talk
    Hello my fellow tielers'. So Sunday was the special day I picked up my 10 week old, pearl-pied girly :) (At least we think she's a girl as she doesn't sing much at all and is a very cuddly girl that loves her head scritches!) I thought you'll like to see some pictures of her as she is a very...
  3. Going out !!!!

    Cockatiel Talk
    Hii there i am a new cockatiel owner, i have 2 cockatiel :grey tiel: i am going out for 4 days so , is this is neccesary to take with me ??? . I installed a automatic gravity food feeder and also automatic water feeder so can i leave them alone for 4 day maximum once a month (not every month)...
  4. Greetings Everyone!

    Hello my name is Paige and I just recently got my first Cockatiel. I am not sure if it is a male or a female. The person I got her from says its a female so that is what we are referring to her as. She is only 3 months and hasn't gone through her adult molt yet. I am excited to find out what...
  5. How to get a dog to be tame with cockatiel?

    Cockatiel Talk
    I'm talking about training my dog to be tame around my bird. I would Really like to know any tips or suggestions on how to keep both dog and bird to get along. I don't need them to be 'friends', but at least have my dog not attack the bird, in case they ever come into contact. Details: My dog...