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  1. Rescued Cockatiel - PLEASE HELP

    Your Cockatiels Health
    Hey y’all , new here. My boyfriend saw a cockatiel under his tire while parked at his work. He found this little guy And took him home. We have no idea how to care for one as this is our first pet. But we are currently low on a budget and can’t just go to an avian vet right away. the little dude...
  2. Just Saying Hi

    Hey, I thought it would be fun to join up. I've had my Cockatiel baby about 7 months. A whiteface called Nico <3
  3. English Budgie

    Other Pets
    Hi guys! So for the holidays, I've been thinking that I would add the first new birdie addition to the family! :D I am so excited, I can hardly wait! COMPLETE EDIT/CHANGE OF PLANS! So it turns out, the breeder in Ohio that I previously mentioned does not ship during winter, which makes sense...
  4. New...and terrified!

    Hi everyone! After a lot of research, planning and preparation, I just got my very first cockatiel! He/she is a newly weaned hand reared baby sitting in the cage across from me. Is it bad that I'm utterly terrified?! I did get him out in an attempt to bathe him and it was really scary...
  5. My crazy little lady!

    Cockatiel Pictures
    Here's a couple of photos of my crazy 8 week old cinnamon pearl baby. She's such a laugh, so many little quirks in her personality!! She always eats sideways, cramming herself right into the corner like that. I made her the foraging tray a few days ago, and its only been in the last little...
  6. Getting a cockatiel in March

    Hello all We have found a lady near us who breeds and hand-rears cockatiels, and our currently waiting for eggs to hatch, one of which will be ours! This is the cage we're thinking of getting, would this be okay? We wondered what a good number of toys would be for a cage this size 25" x 21"...
  7. New Cockatiel baby

    Training and Bonding
    Hi, i'm getting a baby cockatiel soon !! "he" is 6 weeks old and was the only one in the clutch so he is taking longer than normal to wean. i am looking for name suggestions and " someone to take me under there wing haha and teach me some basics of being a new cockatiel owner. i have done tons...
  8. Parents preening chicks too soon? Also maybe overfeeding them?

    Cockatiel Breeding
    It appears my first time papa is starting to pluck his two babies pin feathers a bit too soon. The feathers don't look long enough to be preened yet, and some of them have a tiny amount of blood on the tips. He started doing this today and there are maybe 10 feathers on one babies head/crest...
  9. New here; Pictures of new baby Willow

    Cockatiel Pictures
    Hey everyone. I got Willow 3 days ago, "he" surprisingly went straight to my shoulder when I got him home, he loves just sitting on my shoulder or head, anywhere up high. he is 3 months old, he was born March 5, 2012. Here are some pictures, more to come. I will post more pictures later, I...
  10. Baby Nutrition Concern

    Your Cockatiels Health
    Hello, My 6-7 week old weaned cockatiel has been eating seed, corn, wholemeal bread and pellets for 6 days now, but since shes seen my other two cockatiels (who don't eat seed, only pellets), shes decided she only wants pellets. Nutritionally speaking is pellets an okay thing for her to be...