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  1. Comfy sleeping spot

    Cockatiel Housing and Toys
    Hi all, My cockatiel is still a baby and very new to our home. He was not a fan of the sleeping tent. I think it's too dark and scary in there for him so I took it out of the cage. He has taken to sleeping in his food bowl. Should I just let him continue sleeping there? Is a fake nest a bad...
  2. Question for Meanneyfids

    Chit Chat
    Hi, I need help with my lovebird... Just discovered she's female after she layed a egg... I am truely shocked. I've removed the mirror from the cage and added two extra food containers and a extra water bowl, I also had a cuttlebone in there. Should I throw both her nest and the eggs in the...
  3. Helping baby?

    Cockatiel Talk
    Okay, so Kiwi started coming out of the nest :) She is very clumsy on the bottom of the cage, the parents were feeding her. As far as I know at this age they still need the warm temperature of the nest most times (she is 28 days old). Looks like she cannot figure out how to get back in the nest...