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  1. Emergency Stickies
    Hello I'm hoping anyone can help me real quick, today is day 18, the baby is chirping inside the egg I don't see any more new pipping marks, the first pipping marks was yesterday not much just two small pips, what must I do when do I jump in to help, I tried to see if there are viable veins but...
  2. Emergency Stickies
    Hello I have 5 fertile cocatiel eggs in a incubater, there was a power outage between 4am to 6.20 am eggs got chilled I'm very worried do you think they Wil survive, the oldest egg was 10 days old. When I checked the incubater when I woke up the temp was on 19 Celsius!!! I'm very worried
  3. Cockatiel Talk
    Hi I found a egg in the food bowl this morning I placed it into the incubater because mommu bird has been unwell she was egg bound with this egg, anyway egg was ice cold warmed it up in the incubater and candeled it just now and notice 3 little bubbles inside. She layed it this morning. Do you...
  4. Cockatiel Talk
    Hi I just cought my female cockatiel and a female budgie try to mate I have never seen anything like this before I did not even know they could do this I know nothing can happen but it's really strange to watch this is the first time they do this. I know they are both broody has this happened to...
  5. Cockatiel Talk
    Hi there does anyone have any info on apple souce for slow crop and can I make my own or does it have to be the baby brands like gerber or purity
  6. Emergency Stickies
    Hi please look at the photo what's this red on his abdomen? he is 6 days old His weight is 12.8 he has no prob with his crop he eats well every 2 hours day and night he is in the brooder because I had to pull him from the nest box when he was only 4 hours old, the mom or dad bird killed the...
  7. Food And Nutrition
    Hi my baby of 5 days weight is 9.5 grams is this good? I had to pull him from the nest box when he was just 4 hours old because I found a injured dead baby and was scared the parents hurt this little one to so been keeping him in a brooder right humidity and temperature he eats well no prob with...
  8. Your Cockatiels Health
    Can someone please help me? My cockatiel isn't eating much. Awhile ago I gave him a cockatiel seed treat, which he loves and usually eats in a day, but he has barely even touched it! Also I have noticed that he seems to be off his food at the moment... Every now and again he will eat a little...
1-8 of 8 Results