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moving house

  1. Hi from me and Haiku

    Hello everyone! I'm Sammy and I am an artist living in Norwich in the UK. I have one female cockatiel called Haiku. She is hand-tame but a little shy (clearly wants attention/proximity but then sometimes does not know what to do with it when she gets it!). I moved house 2 months ago and we have...
  2. Update: Moved House!

    Cockatiel Talk
    Been a while since I've posted but we've moved house! Still in the Midlands, UK but gladly not in the city center anymore and lot closer to family :) Luma did pretty well on moving day, I purchased her travel cage the previous month and over that time she got used to it so she was comfortable...
  3. Moving House! Tips?

    Cockatiel Talk
    I will be moving house next month and was wondering if anyone could give me some tips to make the journey and unpacking as easy as possible for Luma. Luckily the new home is only half an hour away and I have purchased a smaller cage with a handle to transport her in, which she is getting used...
  4. Moving over seas.. Help!

    Cockatiel Talk
    I might be moving this winter (by my parents sudden request..) to California. I am in Hawaii currently, so this would be a 5hr flight! I really can't leave my cockatiel. I love her so much. Has anyone here done this before? As in, brought a cockatiel on a plane? Or know someone who has...
  5. Moved house this weekend, now I have a VERY upset bird!

    Cockatiel Talk
    Hi everyone, I moved house on Saturday to an officially bird-friendly place (thank goodness). While the house is bigger, better and cheaper than our old one, one resident is not happy. I often take my cockatiel, Piper away with me when I go places for two or so nights. Even in strange houses...