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millet spray

  1. Food And Nutrition
    Rose is a fussy little girl, when I first bought her she was very quiet and aggressive but has flourished into a wonderful bird... But there's a problem. At the moment she's on an all-seed diet which I know isn't good. I put veggies in there, I put cockatiel friendly healthy treats but she...
  2. Food And Nutrition
    Please examine all Trill (and other prepackaged) millet spray carefully. I nearly fed this glob of glue to Fossil! :eek: Has anyone else had this problem?
  3. Other Pets
    My lord! I got a quail today, sweet little thing, I'll post pictures later. Bonnie was a little hesitant but they seem to be friends now-- as much as a quail and 'tiel can be :D He is nibbling at all the offcuts that Bonbons dropped from his food tray/ Mr. Quail (As I've named him :p) is...