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  1. Your Cockatiels Health
    Hi everyone, i'm here again to ask a piece of advice My vet prescribed some antibiotics for my tiel, Cannella, which i have to give her orally twice a day... Obviously she refuses to eat it <_< I saw some videos on how to handle it and drop the liquids from the side of the beak but my hands...
  2. Cockatiel Talk
    Hi . My cockatiel is not eating anything for past 2 days. And It became weight less. Any tell me what medicine should be used..
  3. Your Cockatiels Health
    Hello ! would appreciate any advice on this: today in the morning I was hanfeeding my baby tiels. (they are partially handfeed once a day) but when I grab one baby,he began to scream like if he was in terrible pain and stress (I was only gently holding him) he was attempting to bite my fingers...
  4. Your Cockatiels Health
    This morning when I woke up, I noticed my little pearly cockatiel twiggy, wasn't chirping like she usually does, So I went to feed her, and she wasn't touching her food. Her eyes were a bit drooped, and she seemed more tired then usual. I checked her stools, which were a tad runny, and called...
  5. Your Cockatiels Health
    So my tiel has been prescribed with a liquid med. and they gave me a syringe. I did some research on how to give liquid medicines so i have tried to do so, but as i tried to put me hands around him, he flaps his wings and struggled and bit me so hard all at once so i stopped. After that he...
1-5 of 5 Results