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  1. Cockatiel Breeding
    Hey everyone, so recently I’ve been offered a little bub that’s a Lutino Pearl. I asked about the parents and have been told that mum is a Lutino Cinnamon Pearl while dad is a white face Lutino split to pearl. I know under no circumstances should Lutinos be paired with Lutinos so hearing this...
  2. 52 Weeks of Tiels
    My Lutino Pearl (I'm pretty sure she's pearl at least...) lady "Luna". She's 6 years old now, and I love her to bits <3 One of her favorite things is hats. Not even kidding. I make the hats and she wears them. It's a rather fun game apparently. :D in a hat being a hat in another hat...
  3. Cockatiel Mutations and Genetics
    So my little Zoe is starting to feather in. It's ery apparent that she's a lutino pearl, but she has all solid white flight feathers does this make her a lutino pearl pied. I know eclipse and ciel are pearl pied that's easy to tell. She's still feathering in so I'm sure it could change. But I...
  4. Cockatiel Pictures
    well, my mom's good friend has another friend who is an amazing artist, and she's already done a portrait of our dogs. My mom surprised me today and gave me an early easter present... she sent a picture in to this woman her name is Elaine Kahn and got a portrait done of Ciel and Eclipse!!! and...
  5. Cockatiel Talk
    I think that Lutino Pearl Cockatiels are irresistible. ;) What are you favorite Mutations? :)
  6. Cockatiel Mutations and Genetics
    I have two pairs that I need help with ascertaining their offspring colors. Pair A: Lutino hen (Lola) split to? x Normal cock (Vinnie) split to Whiteface and Lutino Pair B: Fallow Pied hen (Joey) split to? x Lutino Pearl cock (Petey) split to? What kinds of chicks will they produce, and...
1-6 of 6 Results