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  1. Anyone have experience with masked lovebirds?

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    So like the crazy person I am I am kind of wanting another bird. Specifically a blue masked lovebird from the regional parrot rescue. In the past I have had peach faced lovebirds, a mother-daughter pair, and yes they can get territorial and nippy and are loud but I love their little...
  2. Question for Meanneyfids

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    Hi, I need help with my lovebird... Just discovered she's female after she layed a egg... I am truely shocked. I've removed the mirror from the cage and added two extra food containers and a extra water bowl, I also had a cuttlebone in there. Should I throw both her nest and the eggs in the...
  3. Just Saying Hello!

    Hi there! My name is Crystal, and I'm really happy to have found this form, the members seem so nice and helpful, and being a huge bird lover, I can't wait to get to know everyone! I currently own 3 cockatiels: Buddy (Normal Gray :tiel2: - male, 15 years old) Rex (Normal Gray :tiel2: - female...
  4. My Cockatiel and my PF Lovebird

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    :) It will be 1 month tomorrow that I've had him (Male cockatiel), 13 months for the Lovebird
  5. A new addition

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    So I've had Mojito for a few months now and he is a sweety and loves his scratches. We're really getting along and he sings so adorably. Well the past fri my co worker came to work with a little yellow lovebird asking if I could take her in other wise she would end up at the humane society (I...