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  1. New cage?!

    Cockatiel Talk
    Ziggi is finally getting a bigger cage, I'm not quite sure the dimensions but there's a photo of it bellow. I know it's quite small but it's taken 4 years to convince my parents to get him a slightly bigger cage. I want it to be still not large as it's going to be an inside hallway cage so it...
  2. Someone ate all your peas and corn, but it wasn't me okay.

    Cockatiel Pictures
    My girl Zena thinks she's sly ;)
  3. Assignment due = bird splurge & spoilt Piper!

    Cockatiel Talk
    So I have an assignment due next Friday which I started this morning. By midday, I was bored and decided to do all my errands, which included the supermarket for about $30 worth of stuff, and the pet store for a kilo of bird seed, because I'm almost out. First stop was the pet store, because...
  4. In love with Jazzy!

    Cockatiel Talk
    Wow guys! I am sitting here with a Cockatiel on my shoulder. Mine. Jazzy. The one I got 3 weeks ago. I am so in love-he is absolutely amazing, and so affectionate!!! Maybe she? lol. Its a Lutino so I guess we can't tell its gender by how its going to look. I came in the room today and he...
  5. How to breed a cockatiel?

    Cockatiel Breeding
    How to breed a cockatiel? Please give me some explanations and/or tips! I want to become a grandmother! (Haha) I know it takes patience, timing, and I need to provide everything for the parents and the babies. I just need to know how? lol like what to provide, what to expect, what to do, ext...
  6. Reply if you love your cockatiel!! :d

    Cockatiel Talk
    Reply if you love your cockatiel!! :) I LOVE MY COCKATIEL~ Tell him/her that you love him/her on this post! :) I want to get to know your cockatiel! Tell me their names and a pic of them if you like, and of course, tell him/her that you love him/her! Come on, don't be shy ;)
  7. New here; Pictures of new baby Willow

    Cockatiel Pictures
    Hey everyone. I got Willow 3 days ago, "he" surprisingly went straight to my shoulder when I got him home, he loves just sitting on my shoulder or head, anywhere up high. he is 3 months old, he was born March 5, 2012. Here are some pictures, more to come. I will post more pictures later, I...
  8. First Tiel in over 25 years....

    Hello, I just "rescued" a tiel from a home with a grabby four year old. Actually, they were very nice people but the older child who wanted the bird didn't keep up his end of the "I'll feed, it clean up after it, etc..." bargain so they decided "no more birds" Despite the grabby small child...
  9. Getting to know a 5yr old cockatiel

    Training and Bonding
    I've had Gem for almost 4 months now. Very hard to describe the development of our relationship to anyone who doesn't have a bird of their own. I got Gem from a previous owner who had hand raised him from birth. I was very nervous around Gem. It was easy to get him out of his cage, but he...
  10. Hi !!!

    My name is Diana, I adopted 5 cockatiels, not all at once, its been a process... Their names are Donatella & Lorenzo ( siblings ) Mango, Pavarotti & Delilah. :love: When i first got Donatella & Lorenzo, Lorenzo was missing half his wing, Someone who had no clue how to clip wings, tried and...
  11. Simple tips please? thanks :)

    Training and Bonding
    Hey, i'm just asking for a few tips, because it's been a fair few years now since i've had a budgie, and i've never had a cockatiel, but is there anything I should know here? I know the basics for my 10-week old white little one, but how can i train him to sit on my finger, or even shoulder...
  12. Unexpected breakthrough!:d

    Training and Bonding
    :love: Today i had neya on my shoulder.. and usually when she is on me or near me at all she goes to bite me wen i try kiss her. or pat her.. unexpectedly.. she walked over to my neck started chewing on my neclace.....THEN SHE STUCK her cute little head under my neck and NUZZLED ME!!! at first i...