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  1. Puck and Lore say "Hello"!

    I guess the topic title says it all :) My name is Lore, I am currently 23 years old (turning 24 at the beginning of February) and studying to become a veterinary nurse/assistant. I probably live far away from most of you, as I am from the Netherlands and do live all the way over there. I've...
  2. Hi to everyone from Piper and I!

    Hey everyone! I'm a long time bird lover, first time owner! I was never allowed a bird as a child, and now I've finally moved out of home. Now I'm settled into my new house, I am now the proud owner of a cinnamon pearl baby, by the name of Piper!! She's (I say she, but really I have no idea) 8...
  3. Mirrors make tiel's think there's another bird?

    Cockatiel Talk
    So I've seen someone say a mirror inside of a cage makes the your cockatiel (or any bird in general) think there's another bird inside of the cage, and they didn't recommend having a mirror in the cage if you wanted the bird to bond to you and not their "reflection". Is this true? Also, if that...
  4. How to introduce new foods to baby cockatiels?

    Training and Bonding
    I have three cockatiel chicks. I have been raising them for almost two months by now because their parents abandoned them (they were 1, 2 and 4 days old when i started raising them). Two of them are ready to start eating "grown up" food. But all they see is me or syringe that i'm feeding them...
  5. Introducing new tiels

    Cockatiel Talk
    I wish this wasn't my first post, because otherwise I have found the posted thread on the proper procedure to introducing new 'tiels and I probably wouldn't be writing now... We rescued a younger female cockatiel in the hopes that we could get her and our 8yo male cockatiel to bond. He's been...