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  1. Cockatiel Talk
    I just recently got my first cockatiel (Caspian, four-month-old lutino) five days ago! :lutino: Unfortunately, while I was asleep last night, he was messing around and ended up injuring himself. He lost his two longest feathers (the ones that form the tip) on his left wing, and has a couple of...
  2. Your Cockatiels Health
    Hello, I took My tiel, whom I adore, to the Vet for a wing clipping. Previously a Parrot shop would clip and did a fabulous job, but 50 minutes away. So on this trip I took her to a local Vet, who has an avian Doc. and I knew right away something wasn't right. She looked soaking wet after...
  3. Your Cockatiels Health
    Hey all. I have a cockatiel (gender unknown), who is maybe about half a year old? Anyway, yesterday I woke up to find that it was favouring its right foot. It has it pulled up against its body whenever it can, and the whole foot looks a little swollen to me. There doesn't seem to be any...
  4. Your Cockatiels Health
    Well today we had our first accident :( my ex bf was getting something out of the kitchen cupboard and Rosie got his foot shut in the door as he was sitting on top. Apparently there was blood all over the place. We took him to the vet and they cleaned him up and put a bandaid around his foot...
  5. Your Cockatiels Health
    He/She was on her cage, saw me in the kitchen and obviously wanted to be on my shoulder so he flew into the kitchen, and right into the cupboard. So, now he keeps his eye shut alot, blinks alot, ect. Is there anything I can do for him?
  6. Your Cockatiels Health
    Just over three weeks ago my tiel fell in her cage and broke her leg. I took her to the vets the same morning, they xrayed her and said it was a broken tibia. They strapped the leg in cotton wool and vetwrap and sent her home. My bird is 11 and I have had her since birth, also owned dad...
1-6 of 6 Results