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  1. Cockatiel making raspy noise

    Your Cockatiels Health
    My cockatiel sometimes makes a really weird noise and I'm not sure why. It's very raspy and breathy. She does it when she wants me to pet her. She acts completely normal, eats well, sociable, and her dropping look fine. But recently she has started to lay in the corner of her cage. At first I...
  2. Are X-rays safe?

    Your Cockatiels Health
    My tiel has a possible chronic infection and we are not quite sure where it is. The vet was guessing that it may be in her uterus (an educated guess) which lead her to prescribe a more targeted antibiotic as we used baytril last year and the year before and it worked short term as her WBC would...
  3. 8 week cockatiel dying

    Your Cockatiels Health
    I got her around a month ago and shes been going down hill since. Shes been hospitalized once for a week n i thought she was getting better but last night she started coughing and not eating. I took her to the vet today and they said even if we did hospitalize her, it would take years for her to...
  4. Still has an infection?

    Your Cockatiels Health
    About a week or two after I brought Maya home, she started sneezing a lot, and I saw a spray come out a few times. I brought her to the vet, and got some antibiotics. After giving her those for the prescribed 10 days, she still sneezed a bit, but not as much, and without discharge (which I've...
  5. Respiratory & digestive infection. Help!

    Your Cockatiels Health
    Respiratory & digestive infection. {RESOLVED!} We (my family and I) got our first tiel (a female named Fifi) about 2 months ago and we decided to get another so they could keep each other company. So we bought another tiel from the pet store (a male? named Totoro). I know, I know, only buy from...