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  1. My untamed cockatiel masturbates on me?

    Training and Bonding
    So I've had my cockatiel Rocky for about a month now, and he's super aggressive. If I walk past his cage, he'll hiss and lunge towards me. If I stand by his cage and lift up my hand to say, scratch my face, he'll hiss and start banging his beak on the cage ;; He really obviously hates hands. If...
  2. Taking some Difficult Steps

    Training and Bonding
    Life with Pip has been a challenge. Pip is about 17 months. Always been a skittish bird. He is an unpredictably biting bird. Several months ago, his terratorial/hormonal aggression got bad enough that I didn't really want to go near him. He came with his wings clipped and I let them grow...
  3. Preventing Egg Laying

    Your Cockatiels Health
    My female cockatiel (who has had a previous issue with chronic egg laying and even a prolapsed chloaca) is starting to act hormonal and stimulating herself again. :/ I've been trying the modifications through her environment and reducing the amount of daylight, and etc. However, her vent area...
  4. I Need Help with Reactions

    Training and Bonding
    As you can tell from some previous posts, we're having some real trouble with Pip. He may be hormonal, or he may just be developing into a generally aggressive bird (he's never been an easy bird). I was attacked again today. He ate breakfast with us on my shoulder, no problems, then was...
  5. Picking New Feathers + my PTSD rubbing off (?) Help!

    Your Cockatiels Health
    Please help. Am I on the right track with my poor sweet 'teil named Bell? :tiel2: Situation: 1 year ago, friends bird watched for a week (their place). He came back... changed (loud, distrustful). Also, I have PTSD, so am not entirely emotionally stable. Bell and I can effect each other...
  6. Videos of Nyx's Strange Behaviour

    Your Cockatiels Health
    We've previously posted that Nyx was making strange noises and believed it to be courting. Now we're not so sure. We've changed the inside of her cage around to make her feel less safe (have read this should stop her wanting to court) and also have increased her hours of darkness to hopefully...
  7. Blinky is Confusing me!

    Cockatiel Talk
    So I have a pet Cockatiel named Blinky who I got few weeks ago. He's been doing well and seems to be adjusted to his new home. He likes to make noises with me and I taught him a kissy noise, a few whistles, and he says "pretty bird." I talk to him quite a bit, and when I leave the room he'll...
  8. Female cockatiel wishing to mate?

    Cockatiel Talk
    Hi everyone, I have a female ( I think) cockatiel. The lady who sold it to me raised it herself and says she is 3 months old. I understand tiels reach sexual maturity later than that. However, lately I've noticed her often lower her head, raise her tail feathers and make a unique chirping...