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hen getting off the eggs
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  1. Your Cockatiels Health
    Hi, I have a 16 month of hen called Luna. She laid her first clutch about 3 months ago, she does have a mate but these ones were infertile. About 2 weeks later she laid more. She's still very young and damaged alot of her eggs, since her and her mate were mating I candled the last egg that...
  2. Cockatiel Breeding
    I had 2 hens sitting on 4 eggs each. 2 babies hatched the rest were dead in the shell. Each hen had 1 baby to hatch. 2 of the babies weren't fully developed the rest were developed but didn't hatch. Any Ideas. On hen it was her 1st clutch the other it was her 4 th clutch.
1-2 of 2 Results