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  1. General Info and Training
    It’s been a few weeks since my cockatiel masie has stoped flying over to me and my partner, we got her as a rescue and she is 4 years old, when we got her she was terrified of people. We trained her to become more comfortable and confident with is And we got to the stage were she would fly to...
  2. Cockatiel Talk
    I was wondering if I should get my 5 month old cockatiel a friend. I am starting school soon and I don't want him/her to get lonely. It is rare when nobody is home but I am the one who mainly spends time with him/her (i don't know its sex). Should I get him/her a friend? Thank you! :grey tiel:
  3. Cockatiel Talk
    My cockatiel, Loki is 2 months old and i was wondering if it is okay to bathe him. i do not know if he is too young.