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  1. Bondind advice and behavior questions

    Training and Bonding
    Hi! A few days ago I got a new cockatiel, and it's my first time owning one. I have read that the first few days I just have to leave him be, but the cage it's on my bedroom and sometimes he just starts pacing from side to side in the little perch inside the cage, sometimes even screaming or...
  2. I found my cockatiel on the streets and need advice!

    Cockatiel Talk
    I had found my cockatiel on the streets a couple of months ago. I put my hand down and it hopped onto it so I decided to take him home and raise it. My mom and I have been caring for him for a couple of months now and we really are beginners at this. We never thought we would be getting a...
  3. I need help!!!

    Cockatiel Talk
    Ive had my cockatiel Pip for a while now (about six months) and she still does not let me anywhere near her cage. She hisses and lunges at me whenever I try to change her water+food and she trys to fly away whenever I open her cage to clean/ change out one of her toys. I whistle to her before...
  4. Feather health

    Your Cockatiels Health
    i dont know what to do pls help me :pied:
  5. Parent Raised 5 Month old Male Cockatiel, not bonding help??

    Training and Bonding
    So about two months ago I rescued a male parent raised cockatiel. I followed the advice of leaving your hand in the cage so they get used to it, then use me some millet to get him to eat it from me and I even could get him to eat it while on my hand. However he now knows this is how I get him...
  6. Taming-where to go from here?

    Training and Bonding
    Hey, guys! First time poster and cockatiel owner here. I got Hei-Hei about a week and a half ago; he's an eleven week old creamface grey pied (if I'm remembering correctly) and is untamed. At this point, he'll gladly take food and treats from my hand, and doesn't mind me being near the cage. I...
  7. 3 Cockatiel problem

    Cockatiel Talk
    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I am a new member on this forum but in desperate need of your knowledge/help. I have 3 Cockatiels 2 females 1 is 7 and one is about 4 years old and 1 male who is around 7 years old, the problem that i have PTSD and the birds will not stop screaming this is the...
  8. I need some advice, or my birds might have to go :-(

    Cockatiel Talk
    Hey everyone! Let me introduce my birds. :pearl::grey tiel: I got one pair as babies, banana and mario about 5 years ago, they are pearls and we have had a great relationship, and they turned out to be a breeding pair (I have only let them mate once because I don't like the idea of the surplus...
  9. I need a little help. Gendering

    Cockatiel Talk
    So I found this forum and I thought I would register because I'm looking for one answer. I have a cockatiel who is maybe a year/less than a year old. We got it at the pet shop and it was said that it was a female. At first she didn't eat, she'd sleep all day, never sung etc. until we found...
  10. Dizzy senior cockatiel!

    Your Cockatiels Health
    I have a 17 year old female cockatiel who appears to be very sick. Last month she had a cold and she has never fully recovered from it. She was getting better until she started to lose balance. She fell off her food bowl and then her perch. She now stays on the bottom of the cage where she...
  11. Help!

    Cockatiel Breeding
    My cockatiel pair has been mating multiple times a day for about a week and a half and now the female laid an egg. MAJOR PROBLEM! She laid it outside of the nest box and it fell 7 inches to the bottom of the tray! Is it still viable? I placed it in the nest and it seemd like they are interested...
  12. splayed leg on young tiel. NEED HELP.

    Your Cockatiels Health
    So I was just given an 11 day old cockatiel with splayed leg. I want to correct it! I am using vet wrap, the kind that sticks to itself to bring his legs closer together. I put a sponge between his legs so they don't become too close together. Help me out. The poor baby is SO uncomfortable and...
  13. Aggression Towards Handler?

    Training and Bonding
    I have had my teil for about 3 months now and things were going great. He loved to come out of his cage and sit with me. He enjoyed lots of head rubs and was not aggressive towards me. He started flying and has gotten better but sometimes he used to miss and fall behind a chair or something...
  14. Crescent Rolls.

    Food And Nutrition
    Good or bad? I'm a little worried that I messed up. I made Crescent Roll Cheesy Pigs in Blankets and Milo started eating the crescent roll part (the outside). I was so excited because he hadn't eaten anything aside from his seed before, so I let him keep going. We brought his other treats over...
  15. Rescued cockatiel, what to do and how to help him!

    Cockatiel Talk
    A few days ago I rescued a cute little cockatiel outside my house. He was getting attacked by a bunch of birds. I believe he is domesticated as he sits on my hand and cuddles up to me. He is still very scared of course but has now come out of his cage on his own. I haven't been able to locate...
  16. Rejected baby

    Cockatiel Breeding
    GUYS!!! (and girls) I need some advice, as quick as anyone can manage. My cockatiels have successfully bred 4 babies, fortunately, the first three are fine (at the moment). Baby #4 hatched just this afternoon, with a bit of help from myself (the egg had been pushed out of the nest and was...
  17. please help with breeding:)

    Cockatiel Breeding
    Ok so I have two cockatiels, a girl5years old and a boy 16-15 yearsold. First we had to put them in our basement and lock them in there cage because we are painting our house. First time we see them mating my brother sees and pulls them apprt because he ddoesent knowbwhat they are doing...