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  1. Is that what they call Plucking?

    Your Cockatiels Health
    A while ago I had to disappear so I set my cockatiel in the care of another person however when I got back my Cockatiel which named Helios feathers were messed up? I don't know what cause but I think it's a health problem. I bought medicine and gave to him however still no luck. I was wondering...
  2. Cockatiel diet

    Cockatiel Talk
    Hello! I was wondering what you guys feed to your cockatiels. What veggies and fruits do you recommend or which do your birds' enjoy? Also, what food should I avoid? Thank you! :grey tiel:
  3. Help! My Chappie just Died!!!

    Cockatiel Talk
    Please help, I bought my cockatiel two months ago and he has been an absolute beauty since we got him. Today I came home and my partner said he had been having sneezing fits but when I saw him he came straight to me for lots of tickles and climbed all over the cage as usual. He has been eating...