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    Hi there one of the 3 eggs hatch today, mommy bird is keeping the other 2 fertile eggs warm and the daddy bird is not keeping the baby warm I'm concern he is out of the nest box so long worried that tonight the baby Wil get cold mom is to busy with her eggs it's winter here and it's gets really...
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    My cockatiel laid 3 eggs and 1 hatched after 21 days. It's been another 10 days still the remaining 2 eggs didn't hatch yet. But they are well fertile egg. Kindly suggest what should I do?
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    Today is little Rose's 1st hatchday! :bday: Plus it has now been over 6 weeks since I took her home that it seemed a good time to allow the her and Luma to get to know each other. I let Luma out today and she was very curious to meet her new friend :) they've been chirping to each other for...
1-3 of 3 Results