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  1. Chalky white lumps/masses on back feathers?

    Your Cockatiels Health
    Now that we have his failing liver and recurring infections (AND the arthritis) mostly under control, my geriatric cockatiel is presenting with a new and mysterious affliction. The masses (lumps? clumps?) are on his back, where his wing is usually over the area. They're hard and white like chalk...
  2. My Gizmo is a hard nut in taming.. :(

    Cockatiel Talk
    We have the bird since x-mass, we are trying to tame him but he does not let, when we open the cage he is hissing on us, but when I take him in hand he is calm, but he does not want to sit on finger or anything. :grey tiel: We where told in the shop that he is like 6-7 months old,is it possible...