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  1. Cockatiel Talk
    Hi how full must a 8 week old baby crop be now that he is basically eating on its own. He stil enjoys his formula twice a day. He eats 6 mills during each feeding. His crop goes down much faster now and I'm wondering when it's flat should I try get him to eat more? He enjoys vegetables broccoli...
  2. General Info and Training
    Hi what's the best temperature and humidity in brooder to keep baby in at 3 weeks and then at 4to 5 weeks? At what age do I stop using the brooder and at what age do you introduce baby to a cage or should I just use a nest box ontop of the heating mat after 4 weeks this is my first time I'm...
  3. Cockatiel Talk
    Proud of my little one he might be a bit stunted but he is doing great thanks to Cocunut water ❤️
  4. 52 Weeks of Tiels
    Hi! I have a rescue cockatiel that just had his first VERY BIG MOLT since I’ve gotten him a little over a year ago. He was in very bad shape for a long time. I know nothing of his past. Well it’s been about a month and most of his feathers are in but there are some very weird feathers under his...
  5. Food And Nutrition
    Hi all Can you please share your food diet of New hatched babys? I have som issues with stunded growth . Please share best diet plan for baby's growth.
  6. Your Cockatiels Health
    Hi there, I have an eighteen year old cockatiel. He's still healthy, but the last couple molts, he's grown a down feather on the side of his rump with a ridiculously long tendril. I have a picture of it below. I had to cut it off because it would float around and scare him. I'm just...
  7. Your Cockatiels Health
    Hi ya'll So my bird looks really small, is this normal or am I just being paranoid? Also do they grow? She's about 12 weeks old now. I still love her; we've bonded pretty quickly and she's warming up to the house and knows that nothing is going to jump out (Lol); I just want to know if this...
  8. Cockatiel Pictures
    Hello there, I got a baby cockatiel 10-13 days old when I got it.. I had many many Cockatiels in the last 8 years but this is the first time feeding the little one, it kept on growing every week But I was worried and still worried of it growth progress because on a growth chart comparing...
1-8 of 8 Results