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  1. Hand taming and bonding help D:

    Training and Bonding
    Hello forum! If you've read my introductory post, you will know I am a new 'tiel owner! Hermes, my normal grey baby at 3 months, came into my life just a few days ago. Technically, he is already hand tame. I had my eyes on him for a little over a month prior to getting him, and his breeder said...
  2. Hello from me and Hermes!

    Hello Hello 'tiel owners young and old! I am Jazmine, though WolfyV or Wolfy is fine, too! I am a rather young lady living in Arizona with my cockatiel, Hermes. I got him VERY recently, so bonding has yet to fully ensue, but he is a hand tamed and fed baby boy I've had my eyes on for quite some...