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  1. Cockatiel Talk
    I just got my new feathered friend and they are fairly young. The research I have done says you won't definatively know until after the first molt but I'm hoping to get some idea. Her (just the pronoun I've been running with) siblings all had grey feathered heads if that's any help.
  2. Cockatiel Mutations and Genetics
    Hello ! I’ve had my cockatiel for three years . I thought once it turned a year old and it developed more I’d know if it was male or female but I still can’t tell ! It’s become a problem because I’m looking to get it a companion . If you could help me sex my cockatiel it would be appreciated !
  3. Cockatiel Talk
    I kinda need a little help. I'm trying to figure out if my bird Stitch is a boy or a girl. Just in case of eggs or in the future I would get another bird. I really don't want them to have babies. I'm a little hesitant about blood tests. I don't want to have him scared of the vet. Stitch is a...
  4. Cockatiel Talk
    I am very new and will be looking for any help i need. I have a cockatiel a little over a year. He has had a white face the entire time I owned him but also developed spots or splotches on his head. He also has yellow edging on his wings, his feet, and his bum. Before I shell out cash for a dna...
  5. Cockatiel Talk
    I brought a lutino cockatiel about 3 days past and i am just curious about what gender it is. It doesn't bothers to me with any gender cockatiel but still im just curious to know about the gender of my cockatiel here's the picture link of my cockatiel. Age- The store i brought it from told me it...
1-5 of 5 Results