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  1. Shelly being impatient

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    My husband and I were hanging Cheerios in our birds' cage when Shelly disappeared. We heard a strange noise only to find her in the box with the Cheerios. Crazy girl!
  2. A Funny Story: Trial and Error

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    Here is a story about why I love birds. They use trial and error, unlike a lot of other pet animals (some do, I haven't seen it much. Maybe hamsters, the escape artists? haha) So, Indie's jungle gym is on a table adjacent to my bookcase. Yesterday, he really wanted to climb onto one of the...
  3. Pidgey the artist...he thinks

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    First a bit of news that I'm very happy about: For the past two or three months, Pidgey has been VERY hard to live with. He wouldn't let me get anywhere near him for any reason, and even started shutting out my wife. Well, a few months ago we moved, and it seems like that may have been the cause...
  4. Someone ate all your peas and corn, but it wasn't me okay.

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    My girl Zena thinks she's sly ;)
  5. My crazy little lady!

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    Here's a couple of photos of my crazy 8 week old cinnamon pearl baby. She's such a laugh, so many little quirks in her personality!! She always eats sideways, cramming herself right into the corner like that. I made her the foraging tray a few days ago, and its only been in the last little...
  6. My cockatiels

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    Hi everyone : ) I found this forum and wanted to share with you some videos about my cockatiels, I have 10 cockatiels at the moment : ) . I hope you'll like it :yellow face: And for even more vids check out...
  7. First Swinging Experience

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    Hahaha-- I went out and bought Luna a swing today. She surprised me at how curious she was of it and how quickly she decided to investigate it. About 2 minutes after I had put it in she hopped on it and boy was she surprised when it moved! She went to squawking and jumped off and decided it was...