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  1. My cockatiel wont eat fruit

    Your Cockatiels Health
    Hello all, I got my first cockatiel on June first she is not much of a picky eater. She eats her pellets, seeds, and most of her vegetable however I offer her fruit but she doesn't eat it. The most she does is sniff it and continues eating her veggies. IS there any tips to help her eat some...
  2. Fruit Cockatiel (Cocktail)

    Your Cockatiels Health
    When I purchased Hermes from his breeder, she told me that I could occasionally introduce some small bits of fruit into his diet as treats or even rewards when training him, and I have seen other tiel owners feed their birds from time to time, though I am not too sure what fruits and I should...
  3. Stopped eating Fruits and veggys!

    Food And Nutrition
    Ive had my tiel for about 5 months now got him as a wild baby and he turned out very easy to tame. I got him eating apples, celary, grapes, cucumber, and the bottom white part off grass after about 3 weeks and fed him at least one of the things daily along with seeds i left in his cage and...
  4. Introducing new foods and eating poo :s

    Food And Nutrition
    Hi everyone Have had our little ones for two weeks now and we haven't really tried them on fruit and vegetables just yet. I have put some tomato and grated carrot in front of them to see what they do. Harley will pick at it for a second then lose interest and Rosie doesn't even look at it...