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  1. Finally Brought Home A Cockatiel!

    Cockatiel Talk
    Yep, she's finally home now, I reserved her at my local pet shop about a week ago (was waiting for the cage, etc to arrive) and was finally able to bring her home earlier this evening. We've named her Luma, she is about 1 year old and has settled in well so far. She doesn't seem to afraid of...
  2. How to bond with Desiree? Please help me!

    Training and Bonding
    Hi! I'm new to cockatiel ownership and I got Desiree a couple weeks ago. For nine years she was kept in a small, rounded cage with two filthy perches, a swing for which the cage was too small, and a broken mirror as her only toy. At first I let her stay in her original cage but switched her...