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  1. Cockatiel Breeding
    Hello all, One of my pairs has laid 8 eggs. They have done clutches of 4 before, but never this many! I know for sure one is infertile, so that brings it down to 7. Anyway, 5 of the eggs have hatched so far. The parents are busy around the clock feeding their little fuzzy nuggets and I'm busy...
  2. Cockatiel Breeding
    I'm not sure this question fits in to any particular category here, so it's ended up in "breeding": Can/will a pair of cockatiels foster parakeet chicks that are 3 to 4 weeks old? I have a pair that are on eggs, but they're infertile. The mother has been holding out and own't move on because...
  3. Cockatiel Breeding
    Has anyone ever done it? It is quite common in finch breeders so that they can get seperate bloodlines. But i have never heard if it with cockatiels. There is a week dateline that the eggs would still be good and if shipped before this date and put under a foster, then they might hatch and you...
1-3 of 3 Results