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  1. Cockatiel chews beechwood chips bedding

    Your Cockatiels Health
    Hi all, I have recently acquired two cockatiels from a person that could not take of them as his other bird kept bullying them. I am making a diet change for them to go from seeds to pellets and vegetables with seeds occasionally. I have been decreasing seeds gradually and mixing them with...
  2. brown feathers around beak

    Your Cockatiels Health
    Hello All!!! I have been noticing on my four month old cockatiel that in the past few days after she eats her feathers around her beak are turning brownish. At first I thought that she was salivating but i don't think that it is saliva. Then I thought that it might be the food that I am feeding...
  3. When do I move my baby cockatiels to a cage? And am I feeding them correctly?

    Cockatiel Talk
    Hello! I adopted two baby cockatiels a few days ago who're 3 weeks and 2 days old. I have been feeding them Kaytee formula at 4-hour intervals, except from midnight to 6 am. They're usually hungry by the time I come to feed them and don't mind the schedule. Anyways, onto the questions! 1) I...
  4. My cockatiel wont eat fruit

    Your Cockatiels Health
    Hello all, I got my first cockatiel on June first she is not much of a picky eater. She eats her pellets, seeds, and most of her vegetable however I offer her fruit but she doesn't eat it. The most she does is sniff it and continues eating her veggies. IS there any tips to help her eat some...
  5. Hari Tropican and tropimix

    Food And Nutrition
    Hi, Iv recently bought tropican maintenance formula and tropimix for my cockatiel, I just wanted to know if this is a good pellet food for her or not as i couldnt find any reviews on it online.
  6. Eating poop and paper?

    Your Cockatiels Health
    My female cockatiel, Ori, is obsessed with eating poop and the paper lining on her cage bottom. I've heard that this is a common thing with tiels, but is there any way to reduce this? I've provided her with practically every nutrient that I got. Ori isn't a picky eater, she will eat mostly...
  7. My Cockatiels Daily Diet

    Food And Nutrition
    Hello everyone! I am a new tiel owner, and I would like to ask if my current diet for them is acceptable. (I have two cockatiels) Morning: -2 1/2 plastic spoons of seed -1/2 spoon of pellets Evening: -2 spoons of pellets, with water added to make them soggy -Chopped fruit + veggies (Whatever...
  8. Tropifit parrot food. Can my cockatiel eat it?

    Food And Nutrition
    So I bought this because it's the only pellets I could find at local stores. But it's for larger parrots. Can my cockatiel eat it? It says it contains "Green, black and white pepper" . Is that safe for them ?
  9. Late weaning

    Your Cockatiels Health
    Hello everyone, My tiel is already 3 months and i'm still handfeeding it.. She knows how to eat by herself, i now feed her once or twice a day, but if i feel her chest i can touch the bones so i think she is very skinny. The vet told me that by now she should already eat withouth any...
  10. Fume of food

    Your Cockatiels Health
    Hii I am Birdlover i have recently brought two cockatiel , I have been researching on internet about cockatiels , i came to know that non-stick pans can cause bird to die and also that strong fume of food can also cause them to die, Is this is right ? if yes then how much exposure is normal ...
  11. Fruit Cockatiel (Cocktail)

    Your Cockatiels Health
    When I purchased Hermes from his breeder, she told me that I could occasionally introduce some small bits of fruit into his diet as treats or even rewards when training him, and I have seen other tiel owners feed their birds from time to time, though I am not too sure what fruits and I should...
  12. He won't eat any fruits or veggies! Help!

    Your Cockatiels Health
    My cockatiel, Kirby, refuses to eat any fruits or vegetables. I've tried different tricks to encourage him to eat, but he simply refuses. I've tried presenting them in different ways, sneaking them into his food bowl, eating it in front of him, and even removing his regular food before bedtime...
  13. Nutriberries instead of seeds?

    Food And Nutrition
    I got some pellets for my baby cockatiels and they've been eating them and seem to really enjoy them. Now I'm just wondering how to incorporate seeds into their diet. Can Nutriberries be used instead of seeds or are they just meant to be used instead of pellets? Would I put Nutriberries into...
  14. Weaning help

    Training and Bonding
    Hey everyone so i bought this Green Cheek Conure, But its not eating a lot, it eats once in a while but i don't know if its because its getting used to its new home or its still in the weaning process, my question is if i feel like its not eating a lot should i give it a try and hand feed it...
  15. Feeding no longer by Parents

    Cockatiel Breeding
    Hi my 5 week old baby cockatiels are out of their box a lot often now, but ever since they got out of the box I'm not hearing the parents feed them anymore. They got out around 2 days ago for the first time and for these last 2 days i don't hear anything. My question is what should i do? should...
  16. Basic Food Question

    Food And Nutrition
    Does the food I buy for my Tiel need to be food that was designed for a Tiel or can I feed him any parrot based food (as he is essentially a small parrot)? Is this the same for hanging treat sticks that you put in his cage? I am asking because I want to keep variety in his diet and his basic...
  17. Greek yogurt - safe?

    Food And Nutrition
    Hi guys, I have natural Greek yogurt with fresh fruit that I cut up and add myself so there is nothing added to the yogurt prior to me putting that in. Charlie and I have a daily breakfast ritual where he stands on my shoulder whilst I'm chopping and he gets a bit of fruit that he eats (and...
  18. Best UK brand of pellets?

    Food And Nutrition
    Before I take home my cockatiel in June I want to make sure I've got everything ready, one of the last things I need to sort out is the food. Seeds are easy to buy here in the UK but pellets seem to be hard to come buy so I'm considering buying them from here...
  19. New cage?!

    Cockatiel Talk
    Ziggi is finally getting a bigger cage, I'm not quite sure the dimensions but there's a photo of it bellow. I know it's quite small but it's taken 4 years to convince my parents to get him a slightly bigger cage. I want it to be still not large as it's going to be an inside hallway cage so it...
  20. Good diet plans ?

    Food And Nutrition
    Rose is a fussy little girl, when I first bought her she was very quiet and aggressive but has flourished into a wonderful bird... But there's a problem. At the moment she's on an all-seed diet which I know isn't good. I put veggies in there, I put cockatiel friendly healthy treats but she...