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  1. Emergency Stickies
    Hello I have 5 fertile cocatiel eggs in a incubater, there was a power outage between 4am to 6.20 am eggs got chilled I'm very worried do you think they Wil survive, the oldest egg was 10 days old. When I checked the incubater when I woke up the temp was on 19 Celsius!!! I'm very worried
  2. Cockatiel Talk
    Hi I found a egg in the food bowl this morning I placed it into the incubater because mommu bird has been unwell she was egg bound with this egg, anyway egg was ice cold warmed it up in the incubater and candeled it just now and notice 3 little bubbles inside. She layed it this morning. Do you...
  3. Emergency Stickies
    Hi I'm hoping someone can help me with advice Mommy bird has is unwell I'm starting to think she is egg bound earlier this evening I thought she was going to die she is so weak and not making any sounds, she looks terrible anyway I removed her from nest box cage, because she was so unwell and...
  4. Cockatiel Breeding
    I had 2 hens sitting on 4 eggs each. 2 babies hatched the rest were dead in the shell. Each hen had 1 baby to hatch. 2 of the babies weren't fully developed the rest were developed but didn't hatch. Any Ideas. On hen it was her 1st clutch the other it was her 4 th clutch.
1-4 of 4 Results