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  1. Cockatiel Talk
    Hi how long after the chirping start inside the egg do they hatch? It started 7am this morning its now 12am, not seeing pipping marks , baby egg is in incubater because parents kicked some.eggs one egg cracked i fix it with tape , baby ia stil alive, so have the 2 in mini egg dome incubater
  2. Cockatiel Talk
    Hello do i have to use a heating pad under a nest box or is the nest box warm enough inside. We heading for winter and the room can get cold at night. Mom and dad bird takes turn to keep egg warm, 1st egg arrived yesterday expecting second egg tomorrow
  3. Cockatiel Talk
    Hi how many days after mating does the female lay eggs its been awhile since my bird was pregnant. I just want to be prepared when i should put her nest box into the cage. Last year May she was also pregnant and i made notes of everything but sadly lost my notes that was on my old phone that broke
  4. Emergency Stickies
    Hello I'm hoping anyone can help me real quick, today is day 18, the baby is chirping inside the egg I don't see any more new pipping marks, the first pipping marks was yesterday not much just two small pips, what must I do when do I jump in to help, I tried to see if there are viable veins but...
  5. Cockatiel Breeding
    So, I have a tiel whom we call honey and she laid 6 eggs. This is her first time laying eggs. Her pair Jackie is nesting the eggs while Honey is always staying outside. I am afraid the eggs won't hatch. Is there a possibility to make her best? or Does nesting by male is enough to hatch the eggs?
  6. Cockatiel Talk
    Hi I have some eggs in a incubater the reason for this was because the parents kicked eggs around and some cracked they did not make it. Anyway my one egg in the incubater is on day 14 I notice today the air cell is tilted already, okay so what does this mean can the baby hatch already in the...
  7. Cockatiel Talk
    On what day did your eggs hatch 18, 19, 20 or 21 day?
  8. Emergency Stickies
    Hello I have 5 fertile cocatiel eggs in a incubater, there was a power outage between 4am to 6.20 am eggs got chilled I'm very worried do you think they Wil survive, the oldest egg was 10 days old. When I checked the incubater when I woke up the temp was on 19 Celsius!!! I'm very worried
  9. Cockatiel Breeding
    Hi I'm wondering what could be the reason for my bird to have 4 infertile eggs with her 3rd clutch. Usually in a clutch there is only 1 that's not fertile between 5 eggs. So what went wrong? Could it be because it was to close to her last clutch?
  10. Cockatiel Talk
    Hi I found a egg in the food bowl this morning I placed it into the incubater because mommu bird has been unwell she was egg bound with this egg, anyway egg was ice cold warmed it up in the incubater and candeled it just now and notice 3 little bubbles inside. She layed it this morning. Do you...
  11. Cockatiel Talk
    Hi my cocatiel layed a new egg today this is not even long after her last clutch. The one baby from the last clutch is only 17 days old today. I had to raise him because I found a dead first born in the nest box the parents injured him trying to get a feeding response. So I had to pull the baby...
  12. Cockatiel Breeding
    We have had our female cockatiel for about 5 years. We also have 2 males. The female, Dante (we though she was about for the first 2 years...) has been laying infertile eggs for the last 3 years. But this year our newly mature male has found a way to seduce our illusive female :-) and we have...
1-13 of 14 Results