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  1. Made a BUNCH of awesome toys :D (Pic heavy)

    Cockatiel Housing and Toys
    I've been buying some toy parts from Walmart and dollar stores. Here is what I came up with: Popsicle sticks going through a waffle ball thingy. With beads and shredders hanging from it. For shredding fun Bob's fav :) Willy's fav :) I hid some millet in them I LOVE HOW THIS TURNED...
  2. How to make Pine safe for Cockatiels

    Cockatiel Housing and Toys
    I wasn't sure where to post this because this forum doesn't seem to have a forum for DIY or toys for our birds, so I figured I'd just put it here. Many of us desire to make our own perches out of trees growing nearby, but the question of what is safe and what is not is always an issue. Pine is...
  3. PVC bird Jungle Gym!

    Cockatiel Housing and Toys
    The boyfriend and I finally finished the pvc playgym we've had in mind I believe the total cost came to about 50$ (we went a little over board.. with a lot of pieces left over) 40Ft of PVC piping (we bought 50 ft) 32 Tee connectors 75 feet of sisal rope (the pictures dont have all of the...
  4. Foraging toys for beginners

    Cockatiel Housing and Toys
    We have two cockatiels, one dove and one parakeet. I recently built them a playgym made from pvc pipe because the store bought one we had before was getting a little crowded and buying a bigger one would have been too expensive. I am now in the process of filling it with toys and such to...
  5. Used cage with a bit of rust?

    Cockatiel Talk
    I just bought a new cage off of craigslist today for my tiel. It's a wonderful cage.. Still not as big as I would like but it will be great until we can buy our own house a few years from now. I looked over the cage and noticed a few rusts spots. The paint doesn't seem to be chipped anywhere, so...