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  1. Beware of Cloth Toys

    Your Cockatiels Health
    A while ago, I posted that my boy was brining up undigested seed. Turns out that he developed a crop obstruction (a wad of thread) from tearing apart (and swallowing tiny bits of) a rope swing bird toy in his cage over the course of two years...
  2. Warning - dont let it happen to yours

    Cockatiel Talk
    Our cockatiel Tuscon died this morning because I left a half empty glass of water that it tried to dip into for a drink. It happened right in front, off to my right, on the coffee table while I was struggling with my TV controller. Numerous mistakes were made by me and maybe you can learn...
  3. Are water bottles safe for my tiel?

    Cockatiel Talk
    Been thinking about getting a water bottle for my tiel. He keeps on pooping in his water dish.:wacko: Every now and then I see him eyeing the filthy dish like he's waiting for me to change it. And he goes straight for it to drink as soon as I put in the fresh dish.:smart: Then I read this Q&A...