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  1. Food And Nutrition
    So my stormy is using the cuttlebone as her bedtime perch. Is this okay for Stormy to use in this way? I also put red lights around closet door and entertainment center so she has a night light at night . Hence why picture looks red.
  2. Food And Nutrition
    Hey y'all :) i'm new to owning cockatiels and have a 3 weeks old baby named Aruan (21 days to be exact) and i know how cuttlebone is important for a birds health, but i dont know about it on a babys diet.. my lil Aruan in now starting to show a lot of interest in chewing (mostly shirts and hair...
  3. Food And Nutrition
    I feed my 3 a mix of pellets and small parrot mix, about 50/50 nowadays as I used to feed more pellets and less seed but my avian vet said that was wrong. Anyway my question is do my birds need additional calcium in the form of say a cuttlebone? I provide one but I worry that they will get too...
  4. Your Cockatiels Health
    This is Molly, one of the other cl cockatiels. When I got her, she had a chew perch (picture included) that was down to the metal core. Being that the metal was ribbed/edged, I was worried about her feet, so I replaced it with a cuttlebone. But I don't know if she's using it (few small chips...
  5. Food And Nutrition
    I bought my birdy a cuttle bone a few months ago. She ended up not trying it so I took it out but wanted to try it again since I've heard good reviews about the product. This is the one I was talking about only that mine has a pinkish Mineral Block...
  6. Cockatiel Talk
    Hey everyone :D, I got my bird cage yesterday, and I must say I'm quite happy with it. But if anyone sees anything about it that could be dodgy, please point it out haha. Here is the video of my showing it off haha :D: I also have a few questions: 1...
  7. Your Cockatiels Health
    Found this while i was searching for something else This might just end up being a cause of some of my past issues when breeding I thought supplying a just cuttle bone was ENOUGH calcium BUT according to this website it isn't
1-7 of 7 Results