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crashing into walls

  1. Nose Injury

    Your Cockatiels Health
    My 15-year-old cockatiel, Buddy, has this awful habit of flying into walls and windows, even if I keep the blinds closed... And YES his wings are definitely clipped, but he still manages to go and smack into things... I don't want to keep him caged all the time though, I like him to have his...
  2. New tiel in town, crashing into walls ??

    Training and Bonding
    Sooo... I just bought a 4 month old cockatiel, he is not hand-tamed. After 3-4 days he is already used to stepping up onto my hand and eating from it (fast learner :p) so i thought it was the perfect time to take him out of his cage into a small room - because that was what i did with my...