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  1. GCC grieving lost cockatiel buddy , should I get another?

    Cockatiel Talk
    Recently my cockatiel passed away leaving my green cheek conure all alone , they were housed together since they were both quite young and got along very well. Boo my conure is A bit bossy and often shoved my cockatiel Mitch out of the way , she didn’t seem to mind too much and just left him to...
  2. Weaning help

    Training and Bonding
    Hey everyone so i bought this Green Cheek Conure, But its not eating a lot, it eats once in a while but i don't know if its because its getting used to its new home or its still in the weaning process, my question is if i feel like its not eating a lot should i give it a try and hand feed it...
  3. Our little monster...helpful bad behavior tips?

    Cockatiel Talk
    Hey everyone! So Pidgey has graced our home for roughly 3/4 of a year at this point, and about 2 months ago, we moved. Since the move, Pidgey has become, putting it as nicely as possible, an unmanageable, unstoppable tyrant. He bonded VERY heavily with my wife during her brief two weeks of...