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  1. Cockatiel Talk
    Hello I have my cocktail for 2 months now.. The breeder only told me it is 3 months old I would like to know if its a male of a female and what mutation it got? Also im noticing that its not sleeping this much even though i read cockatiels should be sleeping 10 hours a day or more.. Should i be...
  2. Cockatiel Talk
    So I found this forum and I thought I would register because I'm looking for one answer. I have a cockatiel who is maybe a year/less than a year old. We got it at the pet shop and it was said that it was a female. At first she didn't eat, she'd sleep all day, never sung etc. until we found...
  3. Cockatiel Talk
    I have two cockatiels, and they sometimes rub their heads together do only partners do couples do that? I have a male, and one that i'm not sure, it has speckles on the back of its tail feathers, but also likes to imitate my male cockatiel when most people say female cockatiels can't sing. It's...
1-3 of 3 Results