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cockatiel behavior

  1. I need help!!!

    Cockatiel Talk
    Ive had my cockatiel Pip for a while now (about six months) and she still does not let me anywhere near her cage. She hisses and lunges at me whenever I try to change her water+food and she trys to fly away whenever I open her cage to clean/ change out one of her toys. I whistle to her before...
  2. i want to gain my cockatiel's trust

    Training and Bonding
    i just recently got a cockatiel (i named him Pickle) from a local pet store. unfortunately, the employee there had no idea of the cockatiel's age or gender, (i regret not asking more questions) so i just assumed it was a he because of how small he was and the band being on his right foot. i...
  3. Is my baby cockatiel sick?? Please help

    Your Cockatiels Health
    Hi i'm new to the forum, i've got a baby cockatiel around a week ago and i'm a newbie so i'm becoming extremely paranoid. My tiel is around 40 days now and from its behavior i think it might be sick and i'm probably doing something wrong.. I contacted the vet but he will be available only in a...
  4. Morning wild behavior?

    Cockatiel Talk
    Hi everyone, So since a couple of weeks ago, Angel has been angry and biting me for absolute no reason while just standing on my finger, perch, shoulder, etc... mostly in the morning after taking him/her out of the sleeping area then after like an hour or 2, Angel gets all normal. I would like...