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clipping wings

  1. Wing clipping to bond more?

    Training and Bonding
    Hi , I was interested in the pluses and minuses from wing clipping, because some say if the wings are clipped the bird can become friendlier. :cinnamon pearl:
  2. Clipping feathers helps with taming process?

    Other Pets
    Hi, *I orginally posted this on talk budgies, I haven't gotten a reply. This question can go for any bird honestly including ties. I've had my budgie for about 10-8 months now, and he is still not tamed. He has gotten better. But, once he steps on my finger he flys away. I'm thinking if I...
  3. Before I Buy One - Questions.

    Cockatiel Talk
    How old can they be when you purchase them? This is the ad description from the person I'm talking to. "have four beautiful baby cockatiels at $100 each. They were hand fed at two weeks old in November 2011. They are fully weaned with seeds, pellets, rice, vegetables, and fruit. " So I'm...
  4. only one wings cut :/

    Your Cockatiels Health
    So I just got my new baby cockatiel today, his name is skrillex. I got him from a breeder and he's only 3.months old. The big question I have is once I got him in his cage (he was being veryy feisty) I noticed that one of his wings was clipped, just one. I didn't really want to clip his wings...