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can't use feet

  1. Cockatiel's leg problem. Please help me.

    Cockatiel Talk
    I got a Cockatiel chick from a Breeder 4 days ago.Its 23 days old.I started to hand feed the baby.But It refused to eat. Its crop shouldn't be empty, so I forced it to eat.The bird ate for 5 times a day, but only 2 ml of the formula food.Then yesterday evening when I was feeding the bird. It...
  2. Cockatiel freak out, short loss of feet fuctions

    Your Cockatiels Health
    Today I wanted to take my cockatiel Raiden out of the cage since she had been nagging me all morning. I approached the cage in which she and and my other female cockatiel Ray are residing, everything was normal until I tried to let her climb on my finger like usual. All of a sudden she freaked...