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  1. Your Cockatiels Health
    :cinnamon pearl:My Cockatiel has a lump near her butt area as you can see in the attachments. It's been there for about 4 weeks now. I took her to the bird place and they said it looks like an egg but she's not egg binding. They said I should give her broccoli, eggs, and even calcium liquid so...
  2. Breeding and Genetics
    Hi everyone Two weeks ago I rehomed a pair of cockatiels. Today I was really alarmed to find some yellow on the floor of the aviary. Worried that it could be a disease, I isolated my birds into separate cages in pairs, so that I could find out who it had come from, as I couldn't see anything...
  3. Your Cockatiels Health
    Found this while i was searching for something else This might just end up being a cause of some of my past issues when breeding I thought supplying a just cuttle bone was ENOUGH calcium BUT according to this website it isn't
1-3 of 3 Results