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  1. My budgie is overeating cockatiel pellets

    Your Cockatiels Health
    I read that I could feed cockatiel pellets to budgies since the formula is the same, the size is just different. But ever since I switched them to it one of my budgies has been eating almost every second of everyday. I let them free roam in my room and leave the cage door open. Even then he’d...
  2. English Budgie

    Other Pets
    Hi guys! So for the holidays, I've been thinking that I would add the first new birdie addition to the family! :D I am so excited, I can hardly wait! COMPLETE EDIT/CHANGE OF PLANS! So it turns out, the breeder in Ohio that I previously mentioned does not ship during winter, which makes sense...
  3. Budgie concern

    Other Pets
    I had a disturbing experience today and realizing that budgies and cockatiels are quite similar in their needs and that so many of us have both types of birds, I hope it's okay that I'm posting this here. Though I also have budgies I am not on any budgie boards. I was invited to the home of a...
  4. Clipping feathers helps with taming process?

    Other Pets
    Hi, *I orginally posted this on talk budgies, I haven't gotten a reply. This question can go for any bird honestly including ties. I've had my budgie for about 10-8 months now, and he is still not tamed. He has gotten better. But, once he steps on my finger he flys away. I'm thinking if I...
  5. Sudden strong bond with budgie?

    Cockatiel Talk
    As many of you know, I have a budgie named Tamasha and a cockatiel named Shiraarat. Shiraarat is really affectionate and tame while Tamasha will climb onto my hand and then proceed to bite my skin after a minute or two. They were housed together after the initial quarantine period, (to be...
  6. Cockatiel and budgie/probleme getting along

    Training and Bonding
    So I have had a budgie for a few weeks before i got my 'tiel. When ever they get close together the lunge at each other with their beaks. This is normal behavior for my tiel, he does this alot but he dosnt really bit. Its more like a fals charge type of thing. The problem is that it is scaring...
  7. Best advice on for a budgie and a tiel?

    Cockatiel Talk
    Hello everybody, Today I came home to a terrible surprise. I walked into my room and realized I hadn't put the birds away( I was gone 1-2 hours.). So I put them in their cages and put them to bed. I then took a look at my playgym and saw blood on certain areas. Here are some images of it below...
  8. How to give my cockatiel more exercise?

    Cockatiel Talk
    My younger brother just got a budgie last Monday and I've noticed he is very active because he likes to climb all around is cage to play with toys and he flies a lot in the house. As soon as I saw this, I started to compare my cockatiel and realized that my 'tiel barely gets exercise. He doesn't...
  9. Clearwing budgie

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    Hey all When I was younger, my parents gave me a budgie for Christmas one year. He was THE most beautiful little bird, I've ever seen - sky blue and white, without a single black spot on him. I called him Angel. I since found out that he was what they call a Clearwing budgie - no dark spots...